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Image of Donald Mattersdorff and baby Oscar. Portland, Oregon

Building Lifelong Trust

The trust we earn from our clients is essential to building a successful and long-term partnership. So why do our clients trust us?

We are an independent advisory practice.

By offering a fee-based service only, our clients get the advice that is in their best interest. Our business model relies on building long term relationships and serving our clients for as long as they live. We do not sell nor do we get any commission from the sale of financial or insurance products. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are regulated by the Department of Consumer & Business Services, the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities for the State of Oregon.

We are experienced and disciplined investors.

Our clients benefit from our historical knowledge of financial markets and from our ability to keep them committed to a consistent strategy. We practice what is called Value Investing, which means investing in undervalued assets which we think carry lower risk, with slow and steady growth potential. We believe that this approach delivers superior returns over the long term.

We use a clear and accessible language.

When presenting information to our clients, we stay away from any flashy and overly technical materials that would require a degree in statistics to be understood.

We listen.

We keep our clients' information absolutely confidential.

We're here through thick and thin.

We help our clients weather economic downturns and protect their assets through properly diversified portfolios, and calm and objective advice.

We're dedicated to building a life-long partnership.

We want to provide our clients with the stability and consistency that will foster durable growth of their assets over the years.

We are absolutely committed to

serving our clients with

uncompromised integrity, to act

with rigorous discipline and to strive

for excellence.

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