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We believe that planning and investing should be an engaging process. This is why our services are designed around 4 objectives that help you develop trust in the whole process:

1 - Gaining & Maintaining Clarity

We help you define and validate your goals. You may already know what you want but setting goals often is an overlooked exercise. You may be surprised and discover that your priorities have changed.

We create a financial plan to map out the best ways to achieve your goals whether you are concerned about securing a dignified retirement, paying for college, purchasing big-ticket items such as a house or charitable giving.

We design an investment plan that details the recommended asset allocations and the benchmarks referenced to measure your performance.

Finally we periodically meet with you to review up-dated snapshots of your financial picture, help you assess your progress and determine the areas that need to be tended.

2 - Cultivating Consistency

We provide you with some support.

Because our investment strategy is based on prudent long-term investment advice and low turnover, we may ask you to resist the temptation to change your portfolio too often.

We are available on an on-going basis to keep you on track and discuss what we think is in your best interest.

3 - Building Security

We help you manage risk using diversification as the primary form of risk control. We typically recommend diversifying at two levels: between asset classes (equities, fixed income, real estate) and within each of these classes. We do not encourage other asset classes such as commodities or hedge funds because of their volatile nature. We look for undervalued assets that carry low risk, slow and steady growth potential.

4 - Obtaining Results

We build and manage portfolios designed to help you achieve durable growth of your assets over the years.

While we cannot guarantee any results, we strive to help our clients obtain superior returns.

We'd like to do the same for you.

We build and manage portfolios

designed to help you achieve

durable growth of your assets over

the years.

Being Engaged

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